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Employee Engagement

THE CHALLENGE: Whilst employed on a communications assignment we discovered – by means of an employee satisfaction survey – that the majority of employees considered that the company was not ‘living its values’. We suggested going back to the drawing board and revisiting both the corporate values and the values inherent within the brand - and found a disconnect. The product line was known for its eco-friendly attributes yet the company had little overall impact on the community at large.

THE SOLUTION: We recommended a programme targeted to raise its visibility in the local community in the short term, such as sponsoring local events, competitions and fund-raising initiatives. A longer-term public relations plan was also put together to elevate its status as an opinion-leader. This was supplemented by a series of coaching sessions specifically for senior executives designated as corporate spokespeople.

THE RESULTS: Two years later the company is actively promoting eco-friendly solutions for the benefit of the environment at-large. Its spokespeople regularly attend speaking engagements and their opinion is sought by industry analysts and trade journalists.

We now facilitate their annual workshop – attended by the CEO and other representatives at all levels of the company from all functional departments - entitled ‘Living the Brand’.


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