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International Channel Marketing

THE CHALLENGE: One of our customers sells through a network of resellers. Their product (hard disk drives) was an integral part of the end product (PCs). Their day-day interaction was confined to their sole-distributor – a large regional organisation with emphasis on the warehousing and quick supply of low-cost components. The net result was that our client was totally out of touch with the requirements of the end user of their products and how or where it was being sold.

THE SOLUTION: Upon appointment, we researched the entire channel and fed back information to our client about who was using their products – where.

In order to grow the sales channel we provided the following:

  • Channel composition redesign.
  • Channel qualification and appointment processes.
  • New work flows and new working processes.
  • Launched an e-channel marketing programme.
  • Devised a customer loyalty programme.
  • A multi-faceted communication strategy.

THE RESULTS: Our client improved the retention rate of its resellers by 75% and sales increased by 15%. Communication throughout the entire supply chain was also substantially improved.


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