10 Consulting Ltd has a broad range of business development skills particularly internationally and inter-culturally.
Richard Cook
Global Excellence

10 consulting now offers cross-cultural executive coaching to support individuals and teams.Click Here for more info on how this can help through intense transitions or turbulent change.

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For integrated solutions
10 Consulting Ltd is a consultancy with a difference. We help businesses with their most complex issues and offer integrated solutions, directly impacting business results. We are Growth Agents and Change Agents.


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As Change Agents we have years of experience in working cross-functionally and cross-culturally in the development of business during turbulent and changing global market conditions. 

As Growth Agents we are well versed in the complexities of today’s multi-national and multi-cultural business environments, where it is no longer sufficient to assume a “one size fits all” approach to business sustainability, growth and prosperity.  Consequently, all of our programmes are tailored to meet the unique needs of our diverse customers; providing solutions that are aligned to business goals, and incorporating a range of techniques including: strategic planning; research; change management; channel development; programme management; training and coaching.


10 Consulting designs and implements solutions through turbulent change such as during:
international expansions, relocations or consolidations
expanding geographical market reach
embedding new corporate cultures 
identifying new market opportunities for products or services
repositioning or corporate restructuring
Integrated solutions include:
cross-functional business development and change management
cross-functional, cross-cultural and cross-competency team-building

executive and team development


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