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We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Henry Cloud

Resistance to change can be a blocker to growth, a demotivating force and a source of enduring conflict.

Our clients, large and small, need to navigate complexity with dexterity. This invariably involves change. A change of remit, in strategic direction, a new product or suite of services, an international merger or acquisition, the formation of a new team.

Organisation-wide change needs to happen at multiple points of engagement and from multiple perspectives. An integration of strategic business direction, technological advances, geographical and competitive landscapes as well as the skills, attitudes, resources and capabilities of the team all need to be explored simultaneously.

Our approach to the facilitation of change is multi-faceted, dynamic and practical with the result that transitions are well planned, navigated with ease and culture change is embedded throughout the wider organization. Sometimes this means finding the smallest change that will make the biggest difference. Sometimes this means organization-wide transformation or change across borders. Usually this means making tough decisions.

"I have instituted change which is enabling rapid progress. Strategy discussions and presentations are now handled with greater clarity and focus"
Head of Children’s publishing

“I learned the importance of having a positive attitude to managing conflict situations”
Head of Space

“Change starts with me. You have some good tools to kick off the process”
Regional Director


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