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The British Council amongst others has identified the need for companies to develop people with new skills for the 21st century workplace. Diverse teams are 35% more likely to deliver results if led effectively. Yet, unconscious bias and a lack of awareness about the impact of our own behaviour on others remains an issue, causing misunderstandings, group-think and in-group and out-group allegiances.

We have designed a series of workshops, onboarding and expatriate services to assist with these challenges. Our work with leadership teams incorporates the need to build global mindsets and to leverage the innovation and creativity of multi-cultural teams.

  • General introduction to the impact of culture in the workplace
  • Communicating effectively across cultures
  • Working in remote teams
  • “Working with” and “Welcome to” series
  • Unconscious bias – do you have it?
Click here to download an outline of our ‘Working successfully in UK programme'

"I have learned about the mindset, interpersonal expectations, and communication styles in my new UK environment and am well prepared for initial visits to Japan and Korea"
VP Medicine Commercialisation Leader

“I attended the session believing I already knew a lot about diversity and unconscious bias. I left not only learning more, but having my existing thinking challenged.”
L and D Design and Training Facilitator

“Our leadership team has benefited from intense awareness about the Asian marketplaces”
Assignee to Singapore


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