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Multi-cultural teams are 35% more likely to deliver results... if led effectively

High-performing international teams need to be innovative and agile. They need to generate trust amongst themselves; with people who may be working over the other side of the world, and that they may not have even met.

We are typically engaged to illuminate insight of ‘group-think’, in-group/out-group thinking, unconscious bias or habits and perspectives that inhibit diversity of thought. To develop new team direction, meaning and purpose and to deliver a transversal approach to growth that breaks down silos.

Our work with international teams falls within the following areas:

  • Leadership team strategy alignment
  • Leadership team global and regional launches
  • Leadership team innovation, creativity and diverse approaches

"A very valuable asset is their knowledge of different cultural behaviours and so provide insight into how to deal with people from different background"
Director of Photonics

“A thought-provoking session tailored to meet the needs of our scientific environment.”
Senior Leader, Syngenta

“We are a multi-cultural team. Very valuable to learn about different cultural communication patterns and behaviours”
Director Biomedical services


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