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The Global Leader’s Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope

The Global Leader’s Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope

01 Aug 2016
The Global Leader’s Cross-Cultural Coaching Kaleidoscope

Jenny will discuss coaching as a global leadership style and way-of-being. She asserts that global leaders must become adept at operating inter-culturally and consequently need to develop their ‘cultural antenna’. She suggests that a sharpened awareness of potential issues underlying intercultural misunderstandings and communication difficulties will enhance team and individual performance, improve creativity and innovation. This is becoming critical as remote team-working becomes more prevalent.

She will introduce us to the Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope™ which is a tool designed to heighten intercultural awareness. Jenny developed the model as part of her MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice, and has since further developed it through case study research. The model takes a systems approach to coaching that provides for inter-relationships. It incorporates both the internally-held meanings of culture and the external influences that have impacted the leader and his team during the course of their lifespan.

The session will provide the audience with an opportunity to:

  • reflect upon the issues facing global leaders today
  • contemplate the applicablity of a systems approach to coaching
  • identify some of the competencies required for cross-cultural coaching
  • consider the importance of facilitating culturally appropriate responsibility
  • discuss the use of the model in their own practice





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